Finding Fame isn’t like other courses that you buy and then just let it sit in your inbox and you never do it. Fame for me is about being known as the go to coach for people pleasing women who want to start living a life they love. This is something I discovered through the course as the first couple of modules really help you dig deep into who you are and how you want to be seen. Jess is always there to support you with any questions through the program which is super helpful and a lovely touch that not all courses give. A group setting is so empowering and allows everyone to share knowledge and ideas. If you’re considering signing up for the course let me remind you that a decision is made in an instant. This is one you won’t regret.

RACHELE SUMMERS, Life & WeightLoss Coach

Taking part in Finding Fame has been a real game changer for me…and gave me so much clarity in my goals, talents, motivations and next steps. Jessica‘s guidance and in-depth knowledge of the media industry has helped me to set out my values for my brand and stick by them. We had plenty of opportunities to get creative and have fun with our roadmap to our version of success. Jessica was always on hand and quick to answer any questions we had around our career goals and her knowledge of working with and booking talent is unrivaled. After completing Finding Fame, I feel so much more confident and clear on what I can do to get to be more visible and get booked. This was a really holistic and enjoyable experience and I’m excited for what successes may come my way (& are already coming to me) as a result of taking part.

Doing this course made me realise what my values are and realising that there’s a space for me wherever I want to go. There will always be people that enjoy my work and resonate with what I do.

MARY MANDEFIELD, Content Creator & Presenter

I learned so much in just 6 weeks and highly recommend this for anyone who wants to learn how to unlock your talents, refine your brand identity, learn how to pitch and raise your visibility. Jessica is a pro in her field and makes each session fun and digestible which was really important to me.

SIMONE TAI, Meditation Teacher and Speaker Coach at ‘Speak Like A Boss’

I’ve always heard you need to be an expert but no one really elaborates on that and you see other people doing presenting and I never quite put the two together. I started a podcast in July and it was going really well and I started to realise I had a bit of a passion but I didn’t know how to put all these pieces together, when I happened to see Jess’ webinar, talking about the course, I thought, this feels very fitting. And it feels like the right time because I’m getting a vague idea but I don’t know how to go forwards now. So I started it, and through our conversations and the weekly workbook I realised very quickly it was women I wanted to help. For them to have a supportive ear and have an understanding using my experience I’ve gone through in my life. Each week it would become a little bit clearer.

Through doing this course I feel like I know and can say clearly and confidently what I do. Which, after 9 years of trying to get to that feels incredible. So, thank you!

Breaking it back down to the bottom and then building it back up to be the strongest it could be- that’s what drew me into the course. I love the fact that I now have my values which I can base all my decisions on. There is no one size fits all, it’s made me be able to create my own path in.

Knowing that I can help people is what drives me now. Before, I was unintentionally selfish, it was all about the job for me and to make a living. Whereas now, knowing that I have a purpose behind it, it comes much more naturally to me. It’s built my confidence up a lot, to realise, I do make a difference when I talk to people.

I always find that I’m the type of person who starts something, hits the ground running, then once the difficult bit hits and I get stuck, that where I would stop or try something else because wouldn’t figure it out. So I’ve never had the real visibility I’ve needed to progress. Whereas, knowing what my purpose is now and knowing what is the passion behind my career, I feel like the visibility is coming in ways that I’ve never experienced before. The people that are reaching out, speaking to me, responding to me, because I’m presenting myself in a way that is hopefully completely genuinely from that heart.

By doing this course and having this purpose, that’s opened everything up and created the visibility that I never had before.

CHARLOTTE JONES, Grief & Relationship Guide

I’ve never suffered with imposter syndrome because I know my stuff but I’d never gone into myself and what my dreams and values were. You learn about all the social media, marketing and you can link it all back – you don’t realise it’s happening but it is!

There was a lot of soul searching and I wasn’t expecting that – it makes you really focus on what you want to do, why you want to do it and who you want to do it with. The course is for anyone who wants to get visible, wants to get their name out there, wants to be seen as the go-to person. For someone who doesn’t come from that background at all, it was just brilliant. I saw my confidence grow and I loved it.

MICHELLE WILSON – Midwife and Lactation Consultant – Founder of Baybee Beginnings (Pregnancy and Baby Wellness)

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