Natural Medicines You Probably Already Have at Home

Jan 13, 2023


Here’s some natural medicines which you may already have in your home. I love using herbal remedies & natural solutions where I can, but as I’m no doctor, my info is coming from the wonderful healthline & a long history of obsessing over natures remedies.


1) Ginger

You can of course eat it fresh, dried or put it in a tea. Small studies have said it can reduce the risk of blood clots. But most often, you can use it to treat colds, migraines & relieve nausea.

2) Turmeric

It’s in the same family as ginger & has anti-inflammatory properties. It can relieve arthritis pain & treat anxiety. My father avoided a MAJOR hip operation adding turmeric & cayenne pepper to his daily routine – true story!

3) Chamomile

It’s one of the most popular herbal medicines in the world. Of course, the flowers are often used for tea – & it can be a remedy for nausea, constipation, stomach pain, urinary infections & more.

There are loads more natural medicines out there, but be sure to do your research as high doses can lead to irritation.

Stay healthy – I can’t wait to support you.

Love, Jessica x

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