How You’ll Know When it’s Time to Move

Nov 18, 2023

I love this saying ‘If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree’. It’s so obvious isn’t it! But sometimes the reminder is important – we’re able to make decisions for ourselves, & can up & leave (if that works with our lifestyle & those around us, obvs). Of course, travelling & moving away from home are a huge privilege, but if you can make it work, I definitely recommend it at some point in your life! The timing will never be perfect, but it’s good to know the signs which might lead to you taking that step.

How you’ll know when it’s time to move:

1) Your environment doesn’t match your mood

Whether it’s the weather, the pace, the culture. If something feels off, it might be that you just don’t align with where you’re living right now. It’s ok if the ‘always on’ pace of the city isn’t what you’re seeking. It’s ok if where you are is cold & you just want to live on a beach. Tune in to what doesn’t feel good or what’s not matching up & seek out somewhere that ticks all the boxes.

2) You’ve done all you can to immerse yourself in your surroundings

You’ve shopped at the local markets, immersed yourself in your community & tried all the local spots. You’ve made some friends but something feels off. If it still isn’t working, take note. It could be that you need a new town rather than a whole new country, so pay attention to recommendations from like minded souls & find what lights you up.

3) You’re craving a change & challenge

Moving isn’t always easy – you’ll have moments of frustration, you might get lonely at times, there’s a lot of admin to do & energy needed to get yourself into the swing of things. But if you’re itching for that feeling of taking a chance & finding out if it will work for you, then go for it! Start with a few weeks or months in a new place & see where it takes you.

4) The Universe steps in

Sometimes there’s no logic & a dream of moving abroad doesn’t feel like it’ll ever felt truly doable. But you book yourself a two week holiday & somehow you find yourself there 2 years later! Ahem, meeeeee! When you follow what’s in your heart & everything around you falls into place you can’t help but listen to the call. I promise if it’s mean to be, it’ll be so obvious & impossible to ignore than not do it at all.

Have you moved away from your hometown? I’d love to know what spurred you on to do it & how you just knew it was the place for you.

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