Does a Dopamine Detox Work?

May 2, 2022

Let’s get straight to it – have you heard of a dopamine detox?

This seems to be the saying of the moment. Tiktok videos, articles & lunchtime chats are swimming in the topic of conversation. You may have heard about it & want to learn a little of what it’s all about.

So, what is it?

A dopamine detox means fasting from the activities that you depend on to produce dopamine for you for a set amount of time. The hope is that you will realise how these things effect you negatively & that you’d be better off with less of them.

What’s something that you might look to for a ‘dopamine hit’?

It might be anything from the sound of a notification, an online game, watching films, excessive shopping, or going to a theme park.

Does it work?

Well, yes & no. Of course, it’s great to take a break from the things that might distract us from our bigger goals & intentions. It’s hard to focus if your devices are pinging & there’s multiple different platforms & media types fighting for your attention. But to boil it down to just detoxing from these things, isn’t practical & there’s not much science behind it.

By ‘switching off’ a little, the hope is that by the end of the detox, you will feel more centred & balanced. But remember, the human body produces dopamine on it’s own, even when it is not exposed to the triggers mentioned. A better way to put it would be ‘taking a moment to unplug’. I’m a huge advocate for putting the phone down, turning the TV off (even though I work in TV, there’s a time for everything!) & taking in your surroundings.

If you struggle to switch off, make it more fun with friends. Head out for a phone free walk & see if you can get lost in your city. Borrow a dog or just head to the park to spot your favourite breeds out & about. Plan a trip to somewhere new & enjoy capturing moments on a film camera. And when alone, try it in short bursts at a time. Deep breaths & when you’re ready to plug back in, let us know how you’re feeling in the Facebook group, where I centre on self-care in the spotlight. It’s all about being visible in your industry, whilst taking your wellbeing just as seriously.

What do you think? Ready to unplug and give it a go?

I can’t wait to support you!


Jessica x

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