Can You Create Your Own Luck?

Jan 13, 2023

A question for you, can you create your own luck? I don’t mean like winning the lottery lucky, I’m talking about getting the last parking space, realising your favourite face cream is on offer, your houseplant resurrecting from the dead kinda luck… (top tip: sugar in the water!)

… well, according to tiktok, lots of people are living their best lives by sharing that they have Lucky Girl Syndrome.

With 34 million views on the hashtag #LuckyGirlSyndrome on tiktok, Stylist mag looked into it & asked: ‘is it possible to create your own luck?’

Of course, it takes a level of privilege to be in a space where you can have the space to think about adding extra good bits to your life. But Stylist found that it comes down to thinking positively about your future & paying attention to the small things that might normally go unnoticed.

Chartered psychologist Catherine Hallissey says, “If you repeatedly affirm that you’re lucky, you’re likely to invest time & attention in confirming this viewpoint, see neutral experiences as positive & overestimate the luck component of your experiences (while also being likely to gloss over or minimise difficult experiences),”

Whether you feel like you can become lucky or not, I feel there’s really no harm in giving it a go. More appreciation of your surroundings, reframing situations & spotting the good in the small stuff.

I can’t wait to support you.

Love, Jessica x

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