How to Fall in Love with your Business again

Feb 13, 2022

Love is the air! Happy Valentines to all of you. We’re surrounded by soppy messages, chocolates, flowers, teddy bears and more. When you’re loved up it can be beautiful, when you’re single it can all feel like a lot! But you know I’m always here for feeling and spreading the love, especially when it comes to one thing we’re all passionate about, our business!

But with a lot of hard work, comes those feelings of ‘hmm, is this still what I want to do?’ and ‘is it really worth it?’. And just like with any relationship, you have to put in the work to make it work! Ok, we might not write out a gushy card to our hustle, but it’s important to put the effort in to ignite the love we have for what we do. So if you’re not currently crushing over your job, here’s a few tips on how to fall in love with your business again:

1. Look at photos of when you first started

Maybe this is a printed pic hidden away in a cupboard, or a photo you sent to your closest people when you went live with your website! We all have some photographic evidence of us at the very start. Have a look and take yourself back to that moment – how did it feel to be beginning something new?

2. Read positive feedback

Words of affirmation never fail us! Whether it’s in the form of business reviews or DMs, reading positive words from others about how you may have helped them is a great way to uplift you 

3. Buy yourself the flowers (in whatever form that takes)

Do you know the term ‘give them their flowers’? This doesn’t just mean a bunch of roses, it means showing appreciation for great work. So choose something that feels like a fresh bouquet and treat yourself to it as a way of congratulations – you’re doing a great job

4. Remember your why

Useful for anytime you’re feeling unsure. Remember why you started and bring every decision back to that. 

5. Measure your impact

For some this can be done with counting how many sales you’ve made. But it can also be quantified as the holiday it’s afforded you, the team you’ve employed, the person you inspired, the time it’s given you to spend with family and friends or the adventures it’s taken you on. 

However you spend your valentines, don’t forget to keep showing love to your entrepreneurial ventures!

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