3 Tips for Building and Maintaining Momentum

Aug 12, 2023

Imagine a boulder at the top of the hill. It’s big & heavy & difficult to budge. But once you’ve figured out a way to get it rolling, it will make its way down a hill. It gathers speed & goes pretty fast. There might be moments when you have to guide it it, but ultimately it gains momentum because of its environment.

I’m not saying your life is like a boulder! But sometimes it can feel like the hardest step is getting started. Gathering momentum for yourself often means being on the right vibration – when you’re doing the things to look after yourself, being productive & pushing forwards, you’re on a high vibration which makes keeping up that momentum a lot easier to maintain.

Here’s 3 tips for building & keeping up momentum:

1) Do something first thing

Think about one thing you can do early in the day. A quick stretch, journaling, a walk outside. Whatever you choose, this really does set the tone for the day.

2) Try out a 30 day challenge

These can be a kickstart – pick a habit you’d like to implement & stay consistent for a month. Sit ups, planks, giving up sugar, leaving your phone in the other room overnight etc etc.

3) Just start

Sometimes easier said than done! But sitting on ideas & visions won’t make things happen. Just get started, even if it’s 20 mins a day/ once a week… & keep going.

Do you feel like you’re good at building momentum? I’d love to know more because it’s something I definitely need to keep on top of for myself!

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