3 Things That Don’t Feel Productive, But Are

May 16, 2022


Do you ever find yourself doing something for your brand or business and thinking ‘I shouldn’t be doing this, this isn’t productive’.. We’ve all been there when we feel like we’re wasting time rather than using it wisely. But, that’s not always the most helpful way of looking at how we run our business. I’m here to remind you that just because something doesn’t feel or look productive to the outside world, it doesn’t mean it’s not helping to power your your work. Here’s 3 things that you may already do that don’t feel productive, but definitely are.


1. Getting outside

Something that we always come back to in our Banging Toolkit! Walking, swimming, cycling, eating, drinking or anything really outdoors is good for the soul and can get your mind flowing, ready to take all your inspiration and fresh energy into your job. If you want to add more ‘work’ to it, use the time to make lists or think over an idea or strategy that needs your attention.


2. Getting distracted by colleagues

You know how it is, lots of companies would love you to be working from an office, but YOU might like staying at home because you know you won’t get caught up on water cooler conversations. As much as it is keeping you away from other tasks, these chats can reinforce the notion that we’re a team, it can help inspire new ideas and approaches, and it can relieve some of the pressure that might come with your day to day to do list.

3. Doing nothing

The simple joy of doing nada! If you get guilt over taking time off, or spending portions of your time aimlessly going about your day, I’m here to tell you to shake it off. If you’re constantly on the go, there will come a point where your body can’t hack and forces you to stop.  The opposite of that might feel lazy or inefficient, but it’s just as important to rest, so that you can avoid complete burn out. In Italy, they say ‘dolce far ninete’ and it means ‘sweet doing nothing’ – the joy of being careless and idle! There is definitely a glimmer of productivity of doing something that centres you and brings you back to the present moment

Lastly, what’s our obsession with being productive! It’s ok to have time away from being super efficient. Ultimately, you will do your best work when you’re feeling your best, so, prioritise this and let everything else fall into place.

Want to chat more about mindfulness and running a brand or business? Come and join the conversation over on The Visibility Hub, the home for experts and entrepreneurs.

I can’t wait to support you!

Love, Jessica x

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