3 Steps to Being More Mindful at Work

May 2, 2022

Here’s where I share my Magic M’s to help you have a healthier & happier week, these tips are what I use to make sure the work you do prepares you for stepping into the spotlight (however that looks for you) & staying grounded throughout. Movement, mantras, music, motivation, mediation & more. My focus here is mindfulness.

Here’s 3 exercises to be more mindful at work this week

Try single tasking

We’re often encouraged to multi-task; meaning to split our focus across different tasks to get the most out of time, But when did you last commit to just one point you’re working on at a time? Single tasking means focusing on one task at a time & not switching back & forth between others until it’s done. It’s believed that we get more done this way, but multi-taking makes us believe we’re being more productive. Can you set your mind to the most important task today?

Acceptance is key

Accept & appreciate your current situation for all that it is & all that you have. When looking at your business, take note of the good, the bad, the ‘room for improvement’ & be aware of what can’t be changed. Practicing acceptance is a great mindful step you can take & you can start small.

Keep it moving

Movement isn’t always shown to be ‘mindful’ but keeping your brain & body active can keep you centred & focused on the bigger goal ahead. Try weaving in more movement to your week; lunchtime walks, moving from your normal desk space, dance along to your favourite playlist. Being still can mean there’s no chance for new ideas to come your way, so keep it moving.

Will you be trying one of more of these this week?

Let me know – I can’t wait to support you!

Love, Jessica x

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