3 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Mindset

Nov 18, 2023

We all have daily habits. Whether you’re aware of them or not, you have a set of actions & thoughts which build up to how your day pans out. Grabbing a coffee before work, listening to music in your car, taking the stairs instead of the lift, opening Twitter before you’ve spoken your first words of the day. We all have little habits that we do.

The joy is realising that you’ve got a huge amount of control over the habits you keep – those you drop & any new ones you want to bring in! The key is to try not to overhaul everything you do at once, so if you are looking to strengthen your mindset, here’s a few little things you can try:

1) Look up

So simple but it makes a big difference. This works best outside but even if you’re stuck indoors, when you’re going about your day, make a conscious effort to look up. Away from your phone, away from distractions. You will meet the eyes of strangers, you will see things you didn’t notice before about the places you go everyday, it will widen your perspective. It’s also a great practice for sharpening your vision. Try it.

2) Focus on others

A lot of self development is about looking inwards & improving your own life. But allow me to share that when we focus on helping others, life can feel pretty good. Help an elderly neighbour out with shopping, offer to babysit for a friend, grab lunch for a friend. When you turn your energy to others, your sense of purpose really is elevated.

3) Block out time

Putting short bursts of time into your diary that are dedicated to yourself will help you refocus & have a breather. Doing this formally & informally can become a small habit which could equal a big win. I had a massage & acupuncture session this week which was the first in a long while & it gave me a crazy new burst of energy!

Are there any more small habits you’d add to the list?

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