3 Resources to Strengthen your Mindset

May 13, 2023

How’s your mindset today? I find mindset is one of those things that we turn our attention to when things aren’t going so well. We sit up & realise we need to make changes; maybe we’re craving some discipline, freedom, focus etc. We know many of the tools to strengthen our mindset, but actually, it’s so much more impactful when we work on strengthening it when we’re on a high. When you have the energy to create good habits, record your wins & have time to yourself, that work will give you all the benefits & resilience when you do face more challenging times.

Here’s 3 resources to strengthen your mindset:

1) Podcasts

I feel like podcasts are the kind of thing where you can go without them for ages, but once you’re on a roll of listening, you can be hooked! If you’re not sure where to start, just search ‘mindset’ & you’ll see plenty of options. Some popular titles are The Daily Stoic, Law of Attraction Changed My Life, Pepp Talk Podcast and The School of Greatness

2) Journaling

Writing it out isn’t just good for the memories… It gives you the opportunity to look back over how you were feeling at a certain time & maybe how you’d approach something (differently) in the future.

3) Time alone

And breathe! A little time by yourself is so needed. Fill your time with what makes you happy. Yes we learn a lot from others, but our mindset strength comes from knowing ourselves best. Sit in silence, remove distractions, take time to get to know what you really need more or less of.

And remember, mindset work is a constant journey. We’re not aiming for a finish line where we’ve mastered it all!

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