10 Things That are Always Worth the Money

Jan 25, 2022

​​Ready to talk money? Ok let’s dive in!

​There’s endless advice out there about ways to save money. Scrimping away & counting the pennies. Whilst it’s super important to be smart with your money, I think it’s way more fun to talk about spending money! Because, of course, we work hard at what we do (because we love it), but the reward of it is great too! Whether you’re investing for your health, happiness or business, here’s 10 things you can buy that are always worth the money.

1) Healthy food

We need to eat (obvs) & we know we feel best when we find the healthiest meals. It’s not always cheap to eat well but no doubt, food is an investment to your health.​

2) A ticket to a comedy show

Or anything that makes you laugh! I was remembering today those times I’ve laughed so hard I cried & felt actual PAIN in my stomach. I need more of that please!

3) Fabulous shoes

Have you ever regretted buying great shoes? Nope, me neither! We spend so much time on our feet, we might as well treat them well. Interestingly, the more time I spend in Costa Rica the less I wear shoes at all, so I’m reminiscing about all the times a great shoe changed my entire state of being let alone the outfit.

4) A good quality mattress

Because, when we’re not on our feet, we spend a whole lot of time in bed. Spend well on a mattress & get your best zzz’s. ​​

5) A fun workout class

Pole dancing anyone? Silent headphone aerobics? Puppy yoga? You’ll never regret the money you spend on a good/alternative/ fun workout​

6) A little help

It might be in the form of a cleaner, a nanny, a virtual assistant – anything that buys you a little extra time to do what you need to do (even if sometimes that’s absolutely nada!)

7) A trip

See more of your own country/ city/ town/ local area or go abroad. Money spent on travel is money spent broadening your horizons. A-men!

8) Live music

Your fave band/artist/ musician along with hundreds of others who adore them too, my kind of bliss! Espesh if it’s a festival.

9) A massage

Regularly if possible! This is probs my number one!

10) Giving to a charity you care about

Because it’s massively rewarding to give back & put something into a cause that you care about. One of my favourite charities to support is the Guide Dogs because I adore animals & sponsoring a puppy who then lives a life of service pulls at every heart string imaginable. If you want to find out more, check this out.​

Happy (guilt free) spending!

​​What would you add to the list? Drop me an email to let me know. ​

I can’t wait to support you!

​Love, Jessica x

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